Flavored Stevia Crystals Make a Tasty and Healthy Beverage!

For Diabetes
For diabetics, stevia is an excellent alternative as there are no carbs with a glycemic index of 0. Too often diabetics are given advice to use artificial sweeteners in lieu of sugar but what they are usually not told are that those artificial sweeteners may be aiding in damaging the health & body in many other ways.

For Weight Loss
For those who do not want calories and may be watching their weight, stevia is a great alternative for sweetening foods & drinks. The flavored stevia are a wonderful way to make water more exciting and come in many natural flavors to appeal to every taste bud! It can replace unhealthy soft drinks

For Kids
Can’t get the kids (or the adults!) to drink enough water? Add a few drops of flavored stevia or use a powdered stevia and water becomes much more exciting!

No Calories - No Artificial Chemicals - Zero Carbohydrates - Sugar-free - Allergen-free - Gluten- free

100% Natural

Stevia is a healthy alternative to sugar and can be used to sweeten coffees and teas, to add flavors to water and desserts & much more. Stevia is an all-natural herbal sweetener up to 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Stevita Stevia  

All natural flavored powdered steiva is a great, healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. There are no artifical colors or flavors. There are no calories, no carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index. Perfect for the diabetic in your life! It is also great for one who is concerned with calories or one who wants to enjoy a yummy beverage!

80 g tub (2.8 oz.) is perfect for making larger quanities or just a single glass

Single Packets for On The Go

Great to take to work, school or anywhere on the go.

Made to just add to your water and enjoy! Pre-measured for adding to 16 oz. of water but use to taste!

Box of 10 single packets
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